Myxas glutinosa (O. F. Müller 1774) - Mantelschnecke
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Myxas glutinosa, Mantelschnecke, Foto: V. Wiese

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Myxas glutinosa is living mostly in larger ponds or lakes with clear water, rarely in slowly running water. It is characterized by its mantle which is totally covering the globular shell. The thin shell is translucent and amber coloured, displaying the highly contrasting colours of the soft body inside the shell (shell up to about 2 cm in length, mostly smaller).
The species is extinct in most of its former localities in Europe and threatened by extinction in most regions of Germany.  Most probably it is one of the rarest and most highly endangered freshwater molluscs in Europe. In Schleswig-Holstein there are very few populations left. Unfortunately there are no special action plans for the protection of their habitats in Germany (as they are available in the UK) but maybe there will be some when the species is getting more popular as an indicator of natural biotopes. In many European countries Myxas glutinosa is a protected species.

At the left one of the more recent photographs of Myxas glutinosa is shown. A very beautiful video film of the courting and mating of this very rare mollusc is shown to the public in the exhibit of the malacological museum "Haus der Natur - Cismar". If interested, please contact "Haus der Natur - Cismar" (


In order to protect the few populations of this highly endangered species no new map will be published here, sorry.

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