Theodoxus fluviatilis (Linnaeus 1758) - Gemeine Kahnschnecke
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Theodoxus fluviatilis - Foto: V. Wiese

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Status quo (red dots: data newer than 2000):
Theodoxus fluviatilis is sitting on hard substrats in running waters or near the shoreline of large lakes. It is still well represented in Schleswig-Holstein, also inhabiting artificial water systems like large canals. It tolerates brackish water and is represented even in the Baltic Sea (here living as "Theodoxus fluviatilis littoralis Linnaeus"). The populations of the Baltic coast of Schleswig-Holstein are mostly destroyed, therefore the species status is given as "endangered" by averaging the destroyed saltwater-populations and the good freshwater localities.

Theodoxus fluviatilis was chosen as the German "Mollusk of the year 2004".

Map c V. Wiese

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