Vertigo geyeri Lindholm 1925 - Vierzähnige Windelschnecke
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Vertigo geyeri - Foto: V. Wiese

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Status quo (red dots: data newer than 2000):
Vertigo geyeri has its centres of distribution in scandinavian or alpine areas, it is very rare in lowland Europe. The species is strictly limited to calcarous swamps, sometimes related with typical relic plants such as Juncus subnodulosus. In Schleswig-Holstein are some older records available but all material which could be checked was not this species. Vertigo geyeri and Vertigo genesii are represented in postglacial beds but both are obviously not recently living in Schleswig-Holstein. There are two records of recent V. geyeri in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (the eastern neighbouring federal country).               

For more info concerning Schleswig-Holstein see:
V. Wiese (2001): Zur Klärung der Identität der Fundangaben von Vertigo geyeri in Schleswig-Holstein.  -- Schriften zur Malakozoologie,17: 63-64; Cismar.

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