Vertigo moulinsiana (Dupuy 1849) - Bauchige Windelschnecke
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Vertigo moulinsiana - Foto: V. Wiese

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Status quo (red dots: data newer than 2000):
Vertigo moulinsiana is living in open reeds of Carex and Phragmites, sometimes near Alnus or Salix, normally not in real woods. In Schleswig-Holstein it is reported mostly in scattered localities, almost all of them restricted to the "Östliches Hügelland"-region (moraines of the last glaciation). Up to 2007 about 180 geographically separated or ecological defined localities for V. moulinsiana in Schleswig-Holstein are known.  
(Video of crawling Vertigo moulinsiana is shown below, 800 kb)

Vertigo moulinsiana was chosen as the first German "Mollusk of the year" (2003).

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